Case Study: Funny Tweets: A Documentary

Laurie McGuinness  |  Dan Duvall  |  Christine Larsen


Dan Duvall was a pharmacist's assistant in Victoria.  He got on twitter, was funny, and became friends with the show runners for Family Guy, The Simpsons, & Modern Family, and The Conan Show's Andy Richter.  When he was nominated for an award in LA, he went to the award show, and his life was never the same.  Twitter has democratized access to an audience. If you are funny on twitter, people will find you, and read your stuff.  And your life can change.

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Laurie McGuinness
Director - Producer

Laurie has worked for over 20 years in advertising as a copywriter, director and producer.  Funny Tweets is his first movie. 

Dan Duvall
Comedian, Writer, Twitter-er

In 2009 Dan Duvall started a twitter account in order to follow hockey analysts for his fantasy league. What he got was a career in comedy. From standup to writing in advertising and television, Dan's story is as unexpected as it is interesting.




Christine Larsen
Associate Producer

Christine is a veteran media professional with an extensive background as a Business Analyst at Creative BC.  Christine is dedicated to the development and promotion of BC content in film, television and digital media and regularly consults on public and private funding, and was instrumental in getting Funny Tweets produced.  She was the 2016 recipient of the prestigious WIFTV Wayne Black Service Award.