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Is it Web Series or Digital Series?


→ The truth both are correct. Like digital storytelling, the term has evolved. VWF considers a Digital Series to be one that is originally produced by a broadcaster for Internet-only distribution. Web series do not have a broadcaster connection at its inception.


Who and how are the partners involved?


→ VWF has two levels of partners: 1) Programming partners like 'Hammer & Tong' that help our devoted steering team in bringing in everything you discover, experience, participate at VWF. 2) Sponsor- level partners that offer us essential funding, influence or time/materials.


Why VR?


→ There is no denying that the 'trend-to-watch' in 2018 is VR/ AR. What few people realize is that VR has already become a medium that storytellers have discovered. VWF embraces the opportunity to host a collective place to experience all types of stories and participate in consuming videos from a variety of devices (see this trend report: Price WaterHouse Cooper https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/industries/entertainment-media/outlook.html). Our definition of ‘web’ series must evolve to include device broadcasted storytelling. Our audience is curious about VR, we are simply answering to that curiosity.


Is the VWF losing focus?



→ Just five short years ago, consuming entertainment from website screens was a new innovation with new challenges and opportunities for creators. Today, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, Crave TV and many others are widely accepted distributors of entertainment and have changed the way we watch and personalize viewer-ship.  It’s an exciting era of discovery, and the VWF knows that personal devices, in all their forms are the next screens to experience. Our new VR and Creator partnerships will provide leadership and insight in producing content for the next generation of viewers.


Who is Carter Mason? How is he connected to our Award?


→ Carter Mason, Founder of ‘Just the Story’ one of the 1st distributors of Web Series content designed to build a payment model for creators in this new space. Carter was a speaker, every-year attendee, and advocate for VWF. He was a friend and mentor to many in the community. After a lost battle with Cancer, the VWF decided to honour his legacy with an Award to other who dedicate their time to help digital creators succeed and grow.

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What's new to VWF in 2018?


→ Showcasing VR: Virtual Reality (VR) is a growing digital medium for storytelling. The VWF is proud to partner with industry leaders 'Hammer & Tong' to introduce the newest techniques to festival attendees and join in celebrating our VR Official Selections category.


→ Pilot Official Selections: VWF opened up an award to include Web pilots that have not quite finished their 3rd episode by our submission deadline but can hold up to our competitive judging criteria and high-quality standards. You will be delighted with those ha made the cut.


→ A new focus on 'Influencers' (Youtube and other self- distributed influencer channels): Self-distributed channels of 'creators' have become a mainstream force on the Internet. Often competing and winning for distribution spots among web series. We are excited to dedicate a larger share of VWF programming to this specialized group of storytellers and masters of audience acquisition superstars.

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→New Sponsors opportunities (like Theatre Sponsors): Do you know of a company, Brand, Association or media outlet that wants representation in this exciting new space? We have opened many opportunities for naming rights at our festival panels, theaters or contributing at nearly any cash level. Contact Suzette directly to hold your space.

→New DATE and Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre: April 19-21,2018 * (Thursday- Saturday) at Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, 1055 Canada Place.  Both the date and location have been chosen to give newcomers to Vancouver an opportunity to enjoy our destination city in the prime of Spring.


→ New logo, new look: Just as Digital Storytelling has evolved, so has our need to have a logo that reflects our evolving festival. We hope you like it. Designed by Samuel Charpentier, adapted into a design across the festival by our 5-year graphic designer, Kristin Jackson.


→ New Website | same url, http://www.vancouverwebfest.com but a design meant to support all the exciting and fresh programming we intend to bring to VWF in 2018. Designed by Bojan Dulabic.


→ A new emphasis on 'Digital Storytelling': There is no better fit for the VWF which has always differentiated itself by focusing programming toward the newest development in digital distribution platforms that give storytellers direct access to their niche audience.


→3 New on Board of Directors: The VWF Board of Directors has also experienced a significant change with the additions of Michael Lolato of GRB Entertainment (Los Angeles, USA) and Eric Y. Lapointe of Just For Laughs (Vancouver, Canada). Christine Larson formerly Creative BC senior business analyst (Vancouver, Canada)


→New Brand Manager position: Stephanie Michelle Scott, ( part of our festival from year one) has stepped up to help both new and dedicated attendees and supporters through our Brand transition.


“My absolute favorite web series festival and probably the best one out there. It’s not just a screening, it’s a marketplace. Every web series creator should submit to this wonderful team.”
— Christina de Leon, Nasty Habits Los Angeles, USA
“One of the leading destinations for quality web content.”
— IndieWire