PANEL - Innovative and Alternative sources of IP

Moderator, Tim Carter  
Valerie Connelly, theBis.ca | Kevin Barton, SnackableTV | Plato Fountidakis


The seeds of a story can come from anywhere. Dive deep into sources of IP that can help jumpstart your audience, funding opportunities, and connections, as well as ways to adapt unusual sources into cinematic storytelling.

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Tim Carter, Writer | Producer

Tim Carter is a Canadian writer and producer based in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has worked extensively within the US studio system as well as on independent projects. Best known for his work adapting video game titles and writing video games, he is a frequent speaker and panelist at the San Diego Comic-Con and other fan-based events. In 2010 he produced the groundbreaking digital series MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY, which has been viewed more than 100 million times on various channels. More recently he wrote and produced two Dead Rising digital features and produced the digital series ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL for Legendary Pictures and Fullscreen.


Kevin Barton, SnackableTV

Kevin Barton has spent his life immersed in creative industries. He began his career at Universal Music Group Canada, where he went on to create the largest Urban Music department within Canada. Kevin’s efforts propelled the division’s sales to record numbers; what’s more, Kevin was a pioneer in experiential marketing, creating a template that would soon be followed by many major corporations in the nation.

In his time with Universal, Kevin grew adept at marrying music with video messaging to deliver dramatic marketing that captured audience attention and carried emotions along with visuals.

Kevin later stepped in to a role as head of Mobile Marketing in the Caribbean for Cable & Wireless. Kevin brought his unique take on marketing communications and content strategy to the task and redesigned the marketing department to better suit a fast-paced, high-noise environment. His efforts paid off as CWJ saw a 100% increase in average revenue per user.

Kevin’s passion for storytelling led him to pursue further education in film and photography, allowing him to focus on bringing his directorial vision to life. Kevin has refined his experiences and skills into a technique he calls “strategic storytelling,” bringing effective marketing and brand-building communications to the deeply connected and unceasingly skeptical audiences of the 21stcentury.

In his new role at Bell Media as Director of Programming for SnackableTV, a new mobile first short- form content platform, Kevin brings this unique perspective to the table in pursuit of building fresh, entertaining on-the-go consumable content for audiences.

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kevin-jedi-barton


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Valerie Connelly, thebis.ca

Valerie is a veteran TV producer and development executive who has worked on content for major broadcaster in Canada. She had the privilege of being part of the creative teams behind hit shows such as HGTV’s “Colin & Justin’s Home Heist”, Slice’s “Wedding SOS” and City TV’s “The Liquidator.”

Valerie has held positions with industry leaders such as Cineflix, Cream Productions and was Head of Development for Marble Media before moving to Vancouver. She is a regular at markets such as MIP, Realscreen and Banff, and has pitched content to broadcasters from around the world. For the past 5 years, Valerie has been a guest lecturer at Queens University for their Business in Media course. Her latest venture sees her launching a digital platform offering cannabis inspired content. Valerie endeavours to provide Canadians with a welcoming digital space to learn about cannabis through entertaining original content. www.thebis.ca


Plato Fountidakis, CEO | Executive Producer | Producer

Plato Fountidakis is the co-founder and CEO of Fast Motion Studios & Fast Motion Media Group an independent film and new media technology company based in Toronto, Canada. After graduating with Honours from Seneca College/ York University, Plato’s entry into the entertainment sector was by marketing campaigns for a diverse group of corporate clients in the mid 90’s. Simultaneously his lifelong focus & passion of martial arts led him to Asia where he was expedited into the North American film and television realm.

This facilitated to the creation of Fight Action Stunt Team (F.A.S.T.), a highly successful stunt/action services organization that is networked world-wide; its member’s posses an inviable list of production credits. Strategizing and envisioning the progression of new technology, led by the gaming industry, Plato co-founded, alongside his business partner Paul Rapovski, Fast Motion Studios. One of Canada’s first independently-operated service providing motion capture and new media facility.

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations Plato is responsible for media development, strategic planning, and executive project management. In his 20 plus years, Plato has managed to procure several successful media projects from development, content creation, to brokering deals through international business relations. Having produced music videos, action reels, pre-visualization, short films, lifestyle programming, feature films to television series. Plato’s philosophy is simple: narrative adaptation; accumulate knowledge; retain strong work ethics; good leadership skills; transparent communication; and persistently researching creative methods to deliver audiences with the ultimate in visual & audio gratification.