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Rohan Sheth
GrowRev Digital

Rohan is the owner of GrowRev Digital, and an in-demand speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur.  He cut his teeth as a young salesman in Vancouver Canada, climbing the ranks from clueless newbie to one of Canada's youngest top sales masters in a career notorious for eating the weak for breakfast: door to door sales. 

In 2010, Rohan realized that selling online was a much more efficient route than old school ways and began dabbling in online sales.   In 2011, Rohan made a full shift into the digital marketing world because he was disgusted with what he saw all around him: Agencies and service providers claiming to help business owners with digital marketing, but selling glitzy plans, hot air, and false promises.  In an age where business owners were(still are) jaded yet hopeful, Rohan cut through the BS and focused on the one thing he knows best and matters most: Sales. So he set out to be a beacon of light in a sometimes shady industry.  

Since then, Rohan and his partner Matt Farmer have invested and managed over 30 million dollars in advertising spend.  And their clients reap the benefits of this revenue focused digital marketing.  A guitar coach went from $10,000 per month to over $140,000 per month in under 6 months.  A real estate investor became Australia’s youngest phenomenon, as they took his business from $30,000 per month to over 7 figures a MONTH. No, that is not a typo. They helped Foster the rebirth of business legend Robert Allen making him Asia’s newest American hero by filling his event rooms in excess of 300 + people every single time. They took a humble & average real estate agent and turned him into a celebrity able to make his first 7 figures in the first year working with them.

Rohan has been invited to share his views and expertise on stages across the world with people like Gary Vee, Billionaire Jeff Hoffman, and The Hip Hop Preacher Eric Thomas. He has also been featured on large news publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company magazine to name a few. 

Rohan lives by a simple philosophy - care about your clients, protect your clients, and focus on growing their revenue with paid advertising.  He only works with successful businesses, celebrities, experts, and rational entrepreneurs who know the "grown up" game of business is spending money to make money.