Case Study: Blue Fire Trail

 Nick Uhas  |  Michael Cappetta

This documentary follows the journey of two best friends on an epic adventure through a volcanic region of Bali and Indonesia.

Film Length = 25 Minutes


Nick Uhas


Nick Uhas started his career in media at the age of 17 when he became a professional stunt rollerblader for Team Rollerblade USA. While competitively skating Nick attended college with a focus in the sciences studying Biology at The Ohio State University. He continued his science focus at OSU where he became a publish chemist in the field of Organic Chemistry, and worked for the College of Anatomical Sciences as an anatomy instructor. Nick furthered his studies learning about video production and Economics at Yale University.

After 3 years in New York City working as a traditional actor and TV host, Nick moved to Los Angeles and began producing a pop-science YouTube show called “Nickipedia”. In the Nickiepdia series, Nick explains the phenomenal world around us through science experiments, DIY’s and traveling focused content. This web-series perfectly aligned him to work as a host and producer for The Weather Channel’s pop-science show called “Brain Storm”, which aired through April 2015. Most recently the web-series “Nickipedia” has landed Nick many live science segments on NBC’s TODAY show, Dr.Oz, Fox n Friends, and Americas Got Talent. Nick Currently hosts and produces a science series for Awesomeness TV, Dreamworks TV and DEFY media called “SMOSH Lab”.


Michael Cappetta


Michael is an experienced producer for television and digital platforms. He currently works as producer for NBC News including the “TODAY” show, and “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.” Michael books real people to be on television for day-of-air news and feature documentary stories. His previous work includes producer at ABC’s “Nightline” and a producer and cameraman at Discovery Channel’s No. 1 show, “Deadliest Catch,” and a multimedia video shooter and producer for Yelp and Seamless.