Case Study: Spiral

        Lisa Purdy, Notion Media  |  Andrew Williamson, Off Island Media  |  
Annelise Larson, Veria Search Marketing

Emma, Grace, Clark, Davis, Josh, Sophie and Alex are first year students assigned to the same residence, Berwick House, at King’s College University, a small, prestigious Ivy League campus. They’re about to discover that friendship, like karma, is forever and everything that goes around comes around too.

Hailing from different backgrounds and with varying expectations of the next four years, the mismatched freshmen quickly form allegiances and rivalries. But it’s the shocking discovery that they may all have known each other in a past life that bonds them together.


Lisa Purdy,
Notio Media

Lisa Purdy is an experienced media executive who has worked in creative development, funding, production, broadcast, digital product development, business development, brand, marketing and content distribution. She has played a leadership role in her close to 30 years in media in Canada. She founded Notio Media in 2017 to produce and consult on digital media projects and initiatives.

Formerly Director of Knowledge Kids, part of British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, and the Director of BBC Kids, a national specialty channel, Lisa has also worked for CBC Television and the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Recent projects include co-producing the scripted web series SPIRAL for TELUS and under the Notio Media banner, working with a range of clients – from tech companies to film festivals – on strategy and analysis. Lisa is also working on a start-up for live performances.


Annelise Larson,
Veria Search Marketing

Annelise comes from a background as an independent producer, with training at such prestigious institutions at the Canadian Film Centre (Producer’s Lab) and Banff Centre for the Arts (Electronic and Film Media) and is a highly sought after speaker for media festivals and conferences.  Since 1995 she has been working in the field of online marketing and has always been an avid gamer and consumer of digital content. She works extensively with government and industry  organizations and production companies in the film, television and interactive industries in North America. Her focus is helping content creators and storytellers to use the power of online language and data to define, find, attract and engage their audiences and work toward strategic and sustainable digital business models. Her ground-breaking online course Becoming a Storypreneur has been taught to media storytellers across Canada and in conjunction with Boost Hbg in Sweden.


Andrew Williamson, 
Off Island Media

Andrew Williamson is a seasoned producer and director who started OFF ISLAND in 1999. He executive produced the award-winning doc series Emergency Room: Life & Death at VGH for The Knowledge Network/Discovery and High Moon, a pilot coventure with Universal Cable Productions and Executive Producer Bryan Fuller. He also produced Gastown Gamble for the OWN Network.

Andrew is producing the documentary feature The Magnitude of All Things with Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation) and Whale and Raven, a Canadian / German coproduction with the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE. He has worked with all the major Canadian networks and funding agencies including producing ground breaking digital media content like The Dark Corner (Bell Media), Spiral (TELUS) and Yukonic, for the Canadian Government, which premiered in New York’s Times Square.

Andrew was recently VP Production & Digital for Lark Productions where he produced digital and social media campaigns for televisions series including Motive (CTV), Emergency Room: Life & Death at VGH, Gastown Gamble, The Real Housewives of Vancouver (Shaw) and Mom's A Medium (Corus).

Andrew is the founder of Crazy8s and was previously Director of Industrial Relations at the Canadian Media Producers Association, Manager at Directors Guild of Canada and Director of Development for Keatley Entertainment. He volunteers with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project to help educate people about climate change.