Storytelling from every angle


Storytelling from every angle

By Linda Givetash

February 16, 2018

Category: Stories by Linda Givetash

Close your eyes and imagine each shot of the opening scene of your story. What music or talking or noise can be heard? What colours are seen? What details do you present to your audience? Now, imagine putting that together, but having to worry not just what is happening on that rectangular screen, but also above, behind and beside the viewer. Virtual Reality poses a whole new way of thinking for storytellers when it comes to how they present and control the narrative.

For Sean and James of Hammer and Tong, this new world of filmmaking is a dream come true. They say they’ve been anticipating the possibilities of a 360-degree experience could bring to film for years. While the pair’s production company creates plenty of conventional stories, they’ve also embraced and experimented with VR. They’re now offering up their expertise to VWF attendees to broaden their scope in film production.

While VR may seem to some as a novelty add-on to multimedia projects, James and Sean say like any new technology, it will become a standard format with time. “Technology is allowing us to immerse ourselves in media and immersive media will eventually be as ubiquitous as the internet or the car,” James says.

The VR bootcamp is a half-day event open to all festival pass holders to get an edge on this emerging technology. The event will cover the basics from what tools to use to how to create a concept that works for the medium. VWF attendees will then get a chance to workshop their story ideas to create a short 360 video. In an industry that sometimes can feel a bit been-there-done-that, and remakes become the norm, Sean and James say VR presents opens a new world of storytelling possibilities. 

Stephanie Scott