Vancouver Web Festival Celebrates 5 Years of an Ever-Changing Digital Space and its Stories



By VWF Media

January 22, 2018

Category: Stories by Linda Givetash

Wizards navigating the modern world, puppets sharing their Tinder tales, a teen private investigator solving life’s mysteries — the internet is filled with countless cinematic gems. At VWF, we’ll be putting a spotlight on some of the latest web series, virtual reality and pilot productions, and celebrate the creative minds behind them.

In the five years since VWF launched, the digital space has changed dramatically. The number of streaming services and subscribers has ballooned. More creators are developing their story ideas into diverse digital productions with hopes of being picked up by larger networks or streaming services and reach wider audiences. They’re also turning the film industry on its head, experimenting with new forms of digital storytelling that weren’t available just a few years ago.

With the growth in the industry, it’s no surprise we’ve seen submissions to VWF climb with every year. To celebrate that growing pool of creators, we’ve nearly doubled the number of awards we hand out since our inaugural year to include more genres, areas of production and acting.

In the weeks leading up to VWF 2018, we’ll be featuring creators to understand where they get their inspiration, why pursued a web series as the form for their stories and how they want to see their audience grow. We’ll also dive into the evolution of the digital storytelling and the emergence of VR.

Tickets are now available for VWF 2018, so be sure to secure your spot early. And stay tuned for news about this year’s Official Selections and conference panelists.

Stephanie Scott