Cinematic VR Directors- A New Beginning

MODERATOR- Stephanie Halber  |  Mischa Jakupcak  |  Kryshan Randel  |  Christopher Graham  |  Ariel Hansen


Here at the dawn of immersive media, we interview four film directors who have now all tried their hand at cinematic 360. What are the challenges? How do film skills transfer? What do they see as their path forward with the technology and what do they forecast for the future of the medium?


Moderater - Stephanie Halber

Stephanie is a swiss army knife working in Vancouver’s local film industry. She recently joined the Vancouver Web Fest team as Technical Coordinator & Moderator.  What makes Stephanie so versatile and easy going is her talent as a professional Actress & Casting Director. She used her magic over the past three years as the Co-producer & Production Coordinator with the Crazy8s Film Event and is the Community Partnership Coordinator for the Vancouver Short Film Festival bringing huge success to both events with her dedicated support to the community.

Stephanie’s talent doesn’t stop there, she is also a Casting Assistant, Acting Coach and associate producer. And of course where her talent really shines is singing show tunes in the shower.  http://www.stephaniehalber.com 



Mischa Jakupcak
Joint CEO & Co-Founder, Zoo Break Productions

MISCHA JAKUPCAK, originally from Missoula, Montana, is a Seattle-based, award-winning filmmaker/producer in film, VR and television. She is CEO of Zoo Break Productions which runs a 24,000 sq ft soundstage outside of Seattle with her partner, Robyn Miller (Myst, Riven). Mischa earned an MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School. She has worked on over forty productions, ranging from smaller indie projects to multi-million dollar films. Mischa produced Megan Griffith's The Off Hours, Todd Rohal's  MOPZ and The Hunky Boys Go Ding- Dong for Adult Swim, and Eagle Bone directed by Tracy Rector, which was one of five VR pieces selected to screen at TIFF. She produced Wes Hurley's autobiographical documentary Little Potato premiered at SXSW this spring, winning the grand jury award for best short documentary. She also produced Potato Dreams, Wes’ VR experience which premiered at AFI and IDFA and she is also producing his feature film Potato Dreams of America this summer. She recently directed a five part VR music series for Degenerate Art Ensemble called Skeleton Flower. Mischa champions strong, original voices in film, television and VR. www.zoobreakproductions.com


Ariel Hansen

Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Ariel entered the film industry as an actor, working on various award winning films, before adding directing to her skillset. Her debut film as a director and writer, Ready to Burst, was also the first film to come out of Bad Cookie Pictures and played at over 20 festivals around the world. She then went on to direct the Telus Storyhive funded short film, The Man in the Rabbit Mask, which was produced by Akuma Films. Ariel’s third directorial work was Paint the Town Red which was co-written and co-directed by fellow Bad Cookie Christopher “Topher” Graham as a part of the Tales Beyond the Bar competition which won the best cinematography award. Relaxing Rituals ASMR made in partnership with Hammer & Tong marked Ariel's first foray into the world of 360 film making and is already proving a chilling success amongst those who experience it.


Christopher Graham, Bad Cookie Pictures

Christopher Graham is one of the founders of Bad Cookie Pictures. He's been a pillar to the Indie horror community working in production design and recently taking on writing and directing. Tune in for Murder is his first attempt at the 360 format. He has had several successes directing including his film "The Devil and I", as well as directing the Crazy 8s short "Extra-Ordinary Amy" He prides himself on a unique style and eye for genre.