Comedy in the Digital Age:
How to turn your shtick into gold! (or at least a sustainable career)

Stewart Reynolds | Matt Vancil | (Leenda D) | Matt Clarke | David Milchard

With the right strategy, luck, and talent, turning a talent for making people laugh into a career is more than possible. Hear from panelists whose humor has opened doors, built connections, and convinced audiences to fund their ongoing adventures.


Matt Clarke, Cocomilk Productions

Matthew Clarke is a Vancouver based filmmaker, writer, actor, and musician. He is most well known as the creator and star of the hit, award winning web series, “Convos With My 2-Year-Old.” Over the past 15 years Matthew has worked in film, TV, theatre, toured North America with his band, Honey and the Money, created branded content for companies like Disney, Geico and Toyota, grown as a person, had numerous hair styles, owned two cars, owned two kids, joined a book club, and developed a habit of sharing things in bios that are completely irrelevant.


David Milgard, Cocomilk Productions

David Milchard is an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Comedian and Improviser.  He does a lot of things but still finds times to call his mother. A former member of Second City Toronto, he currently performs at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League. David has performed all over North America in festivals at Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Just for Laughs,BumberShoot and many more. He is a member of the hit touring show The Comic Strippers which tours internationally.

You may have seen him in Psych, Sanctuary, Fringe, the Flash, Supernatural, Arrow, Package Deal, Robert Redford’s the Company You Keep, Tim Burton’s Big Eyes. Starring roles include Russell Mania, After Party and the upcoming movie Monkey Up.

David was best actor at the 2014 Streamy Awards, best supporting actor at the Movie Maverick Awards and is a multi- nominee with Canadian Comedy Awards Check David out acting, producing and directing in the award winning hit web series, Convos With My 2-Year-Old on YouTube. He’s in more things too!  David likes things, being involved in things and on occasion engages in nothing.


Stewart Reynolds, Brittlestar

@brittlestar (pretty much everywhere)

Hundreds of thousands of people watch Brittlestar’s videos every week.

His comedic and family-friendly but irreverent videos have been seen more than 400 MILLION times on various platforms.  His recent KFC video campaign was the most popular branded video content in the world on Facebook for the summer of 2017.

With a global fanbase, an invitation to the White House, speaking engagements all over North America, starring in the Dreamworks TV show ‘Kid vs Parent’ with his youngest son, collaborations with celebs such as The Property Brothers, and meet-and-greets at PlaylistLive, Brittlestar is living the social media celebrity dream… not bad for a Dad from the suburbs. 

Brittlestar, or Stewart Reynolds (as his mom calls him when he’s in trouble), is the father of two teen boys, Owen and Gregor (both well-known creators online). These three guys, along with Brittlestar’s wife, Shannon (co-star of their successful The Morning Show Thing live stream on Facebook), have created viral videos for a variety of brands and organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Subway, CBC, Walmart, and others.


Matt Vancil

Twitter: @mattvancil Facebook: @matt.vancil.39

Matt Vancil is an author, filmmaker, and narrative designer from Tacoma. A co-founder of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Dead Gentlemen Productions, Matt wrote and directed the Gamers movies and created the web series JourneyQuest. He wrote video games for mobile giant King, his work has been featured on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and he teaches filmmaking at DigiPen (aka “Nintendo University”). He would beat you at cribbage. You would beat him at chess. And probably cribbage.



Linda Dong, Comedian

Linda Dong is a female comedian known on YouTube as Leendadproductions. She directs, edits, and also stars in her own YouTube comedy channel with a following of over a million subscribers. Recently, she was awarded for the “Best Social Student Video Channel” at the Vancouver Social Media Awards. Linda is a very passionate individual and hopes to inspire others to express their creativity and individuality.