Future of Digital Distribution and the Indie Episodic

        Tim Carter, Contradiction Films  |  Bernie Su  |  George Reese, Seeka TV  


Success as a digital content creator often means anticipating where the markets and technology will be in one, two, five, or ten years. We’ll explore how emerging technologies and platforms have the potential to change how we reach and engage our audiences, from OTT services to blockchain to crowd-based streaming.


Ben Dobyns, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, LLC

Ben is an executive producer and director for Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. He previously worked for six years as Director of Development for Dead Gentlemen Productions, where he oversaw the business and creative development of both new media, feature films, and roleplaying games. Ben has directed feature films and numerous shorts including "Wranglers of Death" and "Attack Ad", winner of the CurrentTV $15k Launch Challenge.  He has written a novel and several screenplays, is a published short story author, and was the editor of festival circuit favorites The Dark Horse and Camilla Dickinson.


Tim Carter, Contradiction Films
Writer and producer; co-owner of Contradiction

Tim Carter is a Canadian writer and producer based in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has worked extensively within the US studio system as well as on independent projects. Best known for his work adapting video game titles and writing video games, he is a frequent speaker and panelist at the San Diego Comic-Con and other fan-based events. In 2010 he produced the groundbreaking digital series MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY, which has been viewed more than 100 million times on various channels. More recently he wrote and produced two Dead Rising digital features and produced the digital series ELECTRA WOMAN & DYNA GIRL for Legendary Pictures and Fullscreen.

www.contradictionfilms.com and @tbcart


Bernie Su
Creator / Executive Producer - The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved

Bernie Su is a two time Primetime Emmy award-winning interactive storyteller, creator, and showrunner. His two winning series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved, are the first and second Primetime Emmys ever won by a Youtube distributed series. He has been creating web series since 2009. His other series include the psychological thriller Compulsions, the science series Frankenstein MD for PBS Digital Studios, and the soapy revenge drama Vanity for Maybelline. He is also a co-founder of Canvas Media Studios which focuses on creating scripted franchise series for digital and traditional platforms.


George Reese, Seeka TV
Vice President, Programming

George Reese has worked in television, film, and technology as an entrepreneur and independent filmmaker for over 25 years. He began his career working as a production assistant on Judge Wapner’s The People’s Court. Since then, he has started several companies and worked on dozens of productions in just about every behind-the-camera role imaginable. George’s prior company, Enstratius, was acquired by Dell in 2013. His feature screenplay Reconquista recently won Best Action/Thriller Script at the New Hope Film Festival.

At Seeka TV, George leads a team that seeks out the highest quality shows for the our platform. This team scours the festivals for the best of the best and brings them to Seeka TV. In addition, he serves as Executive Producer on select co-produced and original Seeka TV content.