Incorporating Influencers into your Digital Storytelling

        Tyler Funk, North of Now  |  Rachel David, Hashtag Communications 
Stewart Reynolds, Brittlestar | Nick Carreras, Bent Pixels


Hollywood has long used stars to draw people to the theatre. This panel will focus on how you can use influencers to do the same. The conversation will cover when is the right time to use an influencer (and when not to!), what costs you can expect, how to get people interested in your project and the differences between traditional film talent and social media stars.



Moderator: Tyler Funk, North of Now




Tyler Funk is the creator and showrunner of the White Ninja series. The world’s first (and last) narrative Vine series starring Paul Scheer. In additional to his narrative filmmaking Tyler Funk is the founder of North Of Now, a digital production company producing branded digital content and broadcast commercials.


Rachel David, CEO and Founder, Hashtag Communications


Rachel David is a content creator and entrepreneur from Toronto Canada. She has made it her mission to help creators make money online. She plans dinners, picnics and mentors creators that blow up over night. This has resulted in the creator community calling her "Canada's Youtube Mom". 

Rachel is the CEO and founder of Hashtag Communications Inc. A company that helps brands create and execute their influencer marketing campaigns. Clients include RBC, BestBuy, Google, Lowblaws and Sony to name a few.

On top of running a 10 person business she releases a weekly video podcast called "Rakin' It In With Rachel David" where she interviews creators about their different revenue streams and gives viewers tips on how to strategically make money online.


Stewart Reynolds, aka Brittlestar


Hundreds of thousands of people watch Brittlestar’s videos every week.

His comedic and family-friendly but irreverent videos have been seen more than 400 MILLION times on various platforms.  His recent KFC video campaign was the most popular branded video content in the world on Facebook for the summer of 2017.

With a global fanbase, an invitation to the White House, speaking engagements all over North America, starring in the Dreamworks TV show ‘Kid vs Parent’ with his youngest son, collaborations with celebs such as The Property Brothers, and meet-and-greets at PlaylistLive, Brittlestar is living the social media celebrity dream… not bad for a Dad from the suburbs.

Brittlestar, or Stewart Reynolds (as his mom calls him when he’s in trouble), is the father of two teen boys, Owen and Gregor (both well-known creators online). These three guys, along with Brittlestar’s wife, Shannon (co-star of their successful The Morning Show Thing live stream on Facebook), have created viral videos for a variety of brands and organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Subway, CBC, Walmart, and others.