VR Now

Moderator: Scott Banducci | Daniel St. Pierre | Ollie Rankin | Olivier Leroux   


We will be discussing the changing world of VR and where we are situated in this moment in time. Featuring a distinct panel representing different parts of North America, " VR Now" takes VR out of the future and focuses in on what is occurring right now, what it means, and how to get involved.


Moderator: Scott Banducci, 
Multiball Studios

Starting off in Software Sales, Scott soon began travelling the world, opening new markets and building sales teams in Sydney and London. After 3 years outside of Canada, he decided to return to Vancouver and explore opportunities in the VR space. Since 2017 Scott has started a blog/podcast VRinVancouver (winning a Canada Periodical Fund grant) and has partnered with Adam Thompson to create Multiball Studios. Scott and Adam, with a small team selected from Vancouver's vast pool of talent, create indie games and VR applications.


Daniel St-Pierre,
Didjet Inc.

Daniel St-Pierre is the Chief Executive Officer of Didjet Inc. a Virtual Reality development studio in Vancouver, BC. He’s been working with and writing about cutting edge technologies for more than 25 years, and has its own company for 15. In the most recent years, he’s been concentrating his expertise towards Therapeutic VR to help people with clinical anxiety and dementia. When he is not trying out new Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, you can find him riding a mountain bike on a downhill trail near you. Follow him on Twitter at @iamdanistp


Ollie Rankin,
Pansensory Interactive Incorporated

Ollie Rankin is a virtual reality storyteller and visual effects supervisor whose feature film career spans more than 18 years and 26 films. He’s been involved in many of cinema’s biggest franchises, from the Lord of the Rings and Matrix trilogies, to the X-Men, Transformers and Alice in Wonderland franchises. But he fell in love with VR in the 80s when it was little more than a figment in the imaginations of visionary Sci-fi and cyberpunk authors. He’s spent the last several years working in various capacities to help realize their visions. Ollie currently advises a number of VR startups and is developing original, immersive, narrative experiences.


Olivier Leroux
Founder / Creative Director at Impact VR

Producer of Virtual Reality Video Content for companies and independent productions.