Workshop: Social Media, How To Build An Audience For Your Personal Brand

     Stephanie M Scott, Wildfire Effect Consulting  |  Holly Carinci,HollyWords Publicity 


Today's world is a new world in every single line of work since the induction of social media, with the entertainment industry particularly metamorphosed. Whether you are a musician, actor, or director, or a film, TV or Web series, fan engagement is absolutely key to success. While its importance is widely accepted, few people know even where to begin with their social outlets, never mind how to do it well. 

At this workshop, we will share the essential secrets as to how to build your audience while keeping your brand true to yourself, how to ensure that influencers are a part of that audience, and yes, how to still have a life while being a social media rock star.   


Stephanie Michelle Scott, WildfireEffect Consulting
Director of Digital and Social Media @WildfireEffect

Stephanie's extensive background in the Vancouver feature film art departments is apparent in her work as HollyWords Publicity's (HWP's) Director of Digital and Social Media. Steph works closely with HWP's clients to develop their online communication style. A technology trends early adopter, she surfs the trends of an ever-expanding ocean of social media, interactive mashups, and fan engagement to curate social media messaging plans that support Holly's carefully crafted media hooks. Steph then finds fan groups that will celebrate the client's messages and interests in weekly conversations. Interviews and memorable moments are posted to HWP social media outlets in attention-grabbing graphics designed to kick-start a viral buzz. Working closely with Holly it's all assembled into a stunning media kit that captures the full breadth of their journey with HollyWords Publicity. This valuable asset is then used by the client and their team to leverage the media coverage into lucrative work.


Holly Carinci, HollyWords Publicity
Founder & CEO, Personal Publicist, @HollyWordsGroup

As a young up-and-coming actress during Vancouver’s early boom in film and television, Holly needed a personal publicist who could promote her career to the decision-makers down south. When she couldn’t find one, Holly “switched hats” and went from aspiring actress to publicist-in-bootstrap-training.

Over the last twenty-plus years Holly has built herself an envious list of media, studio, and network contacts worldwide and she has worked with dozens of famous actors, directors and producers. She has accompanied clients to huge Hollywood red carpets, including the 2016 Academy Awards, and arranged photo opportunities with stars like Leo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Christoph Waltz and many more. Holly also created and produced a worldwide award show honoring animation, video games, and visual effects. Over the 3-year run of the show, Holly brought in as her Hosts William Shatner, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants). 

Recently, Holly completed a series of meetings in Los Angeles and New York, and is now in the process of incorporating an exciting new business model that will see HollyWords working alongside the top publicists in Hollywood.